Winter School 2017: A tartan treat

Piper at courtyard at GSA Highlands and Islands

Students at Winter School 2017 enjoyed a proper piece of Scottish culture yesterday afternoon when we welcomed a bagpiper in full tartan regalia.

Well-known local musician Spud the Piper came to Altyre to perform as a treat for students. Everyone took a break from meetings and project work to listen to the skirl of the pipes.

While a little shy at first, students were soon getting their pictures taken with Spud and questioning him about his work and his pipes.

Afterwards he became the first person to pipe in the main studio and in the exhibition space – an excellent preview of the traditional music to come during our end of school ceilidh!

Here’s a few photos of the spectacle!

Spud the Piper and bagpipes with students

Spud the Piper explaining what’s inside the pipes. Image credit: Jane Candlish

Students talking to Spud the Piper

Spud is swarmed after playing for students at Winter School 2017. Image credit: Jane Candlish

Crowds outside GSA Highlands and Islands

Winter School 2017 students, faculty and staff listening to Spud at GSA Highlands and Islands. Image credit: Jane Candlish

Piper in GSA Highlands and Islands studio

The first piper to play in the main studio! Image credit: Jane Candlish

Students listening to pipes at GSA Highlands and Islands

In the exhibition space: carrying out project works to the skirl of the pipes. Image credit: Jane Candlish


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