Dr Brian Dixon

Lecturer / Research Associate
PhD Information Design, PG Cert Learning & Teaching in Art & Design, MA Communication Design, BA Visual Communication

Brian Dixon believes that practice-based design research can enable real-world innovation and may also advance practice itself. His current work focuses on the human relationship with place and how design may impact upon that relationship. Other areas of interest include design pedagogy and 20th-century philosophies of practice. Within the Songlines project, he is investigating how novel collaborations between artists, students and local partners on the Hebridean island of Lewis can provide meaningful creative and educational contexts. As the project advances, it is intended that increasing attention will be paid to how such collaborations can lead to social and economic renewal. Beyond this, in future work, Brian aims to further explore the scope of distributed learning, alongside examining how philosophy can lend support to the conduct of practice-based design research.

Read more about Brian’s work at radar.gsa.ac.uk

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