Dr Emma Murphy

Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader
PhD in Design Management, MA (Hons) Management Studies

Dr Emma Murphy is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader across GSA’s Design Innovation Programmes; MDes Design Innovation & Citizenship, MDes Design Innovation & Environmental Design, MDes Design Innovation & Service Design, and MSc International Management & Design Innovation.

Her research interests are based around the convergence of design, management and policy, including design research methods and methodology, business models, design procurement and commissioning, and managing creativity and innovation.

Prior to joining GSA, Emma was a Lecturer and Researcher at ImaginationLancaster, a creative design research lab within Lancaster University, and also Head of Marketing and Business Development at international design consultancy, Graven.

Her research projects include “Taking the Artwork Home”, a £125,000 AHRC-funded project looking at engagement with the arts through digital technologies, “Design Values”, a £230,000 AHRC-funded project exploring the role of design in innovation, and a £1.2 million AHRC-funded project entitled “Leapfrog: transforming public sector consultation by design”.

Emma supervises PhD students in the areas of design management and design education.

Read more about Emma’s work at: radar.gsa.ac.uk

[email protected]
LinkedIn: Dr Emma Murphy

Emma Murphy