Dr George Jaramillo

Research Fellow
PhD Cultural Geography, MSc Historic Preservation, BA Architecture

George Jaramillo is an architect and heritage specialist, with interests in rural landscape, industrial material culture, and ruins.

His research focuses on the fragmentary and distributed cultures of the Western Isles where he explore themes of isolation, heritage, labour and seafaring through the cultures of co-making, and the artefacts created from that co-production.

He is interested in the way that these material cultures are intersected through the digital and analogue forms and their relationship to the person. George is motivated to recover the tenuous connections with these artefacts and their labour to understand the people’s identity and makeup. The aim is to bring forth a co-productive understanding of the social and historical live of the people of the Western Isles.

Read more about George’s work at radar.gsa.ac.uk/view/creators/984.html

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Dr George Jaramillo portrait