Dr Gordon Hush

Acting Director of InDI

Gordon Hush has led the Product Design department at GSA since 2007 and helped steer the emergence of Design Innovation as a subject of academic study at Masters level incorporating Service Design, Citizenship, Environmental Design and, with the University of Glasgow, International Management. In addition, he supervises and examines PhD candidates, contributes to the EPSRC-funded TEDDI2: APAtSCHE – Ageing Population Attitudes to Sensor Controlled Home Energy project (in collaboration with colleagues at GSA and the University of Strathclyde.

Gordon is a sociologist operating within the domain of Design and is interested in the relationship between social theory and design, particularly the interaction with and ‘consumption’ of designed products in contemporary society. This includes social change, technological innovation and changes in design process, specifically the interaction between human beings and designed products (artefacts, services or experiences). Interested in exploring the affinities between ‘post-phenomenological’ approaches, the debates around Actant-Network-Theory and the theorisation of subjectivity found in post-Operaismo Italian thought, Gordon is keen to explore the role of design(ers) in contemporary formulations of ‘human experience’ and, in particular, the relation between subjective affect (as experience) and the realm of (im)material culture (products).

You can read more about Gordon’s work at: radar.gsa.ac.uk

[email protected]

Dr Gordon Hush portrait