Madeline Smith

Head of Development
MSc Enterprise, MA (Hons) Engineering

Madeline Smith specialises in strategy and evaluation for clusters, innovation and complex collaborations, developing new ways to capture impact. She has a strong interest in innovation, the role that collaboration can play, and how evaluation needs to evolve to capture the wider value of collaborative working and behavioural change. She has developed new approaches to cluster evaluation and is leading work within InDI on evidencing the value of design. She has been involved in the development and delivery of a broad portfolio of programmes bringing design approaches to build the innovative capacity of businesses, public sector organisations and communities. Madeline is Co-Investigator on a number of projects including Right Here Right Now, a collaboration with Medical Research Council and Glasgow Centre for Population Health investigating how “near real time” lived experience can influence policy, and Leapfrog, a three-year AHRC-funded project about designing new approaches to consultation for hard to reach communities.

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