Meet our new Master of Research students

New additions to our Creative Campus cohort

InDI recently welcomed a new group of students onto our Master of Research programme.

They follow in the footsteps of the first four students from 2016. The five-strong group are all multidisciplinary creative practitioners, based in Moray at the Creative Campus and in Cowal.

The group is supported and funded by the Creative Futures Partnership (CFP). This is a pioneering venture between The Glasgow School of Art and Highlands and Islands Enterprise. It has been established to deliver transformational benefits for the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

The MRES journey started at Winter School 2017 in January, when students met some of the outgoing MRES group and the current PhD candidates.

The new MRESs took part in a range of research, training workshops and masterclasses to prepare them for their year of study.

They are part of the Creative Campus cohort, along with the three Creative Campus PhDs. Each research project is individually led but exists within the network of other researchers. Together they are pioneering academic research through a practice-based cohort at the campus distributed throughout the Highlands and Islands. The cohort also take part in Autumn and Spring School each year.

InDI is also currently recruiting for the next intake of MRES students. You can find out more about the programmes available on the GSA’s website.

Inquiries should be made to Dr Lynn-Sayers McHattie at [email protected]


Meet the students

Hannah ClinchHannah Clinch

Since graduating The Glasgow School of Art in 1999 with a BA in Textile Design, Hannah has worked at the intersection of design and enterprise, providing tailored support to a range of SMEs, social enterprises and creative initiatives operating in a community context. Hannah has collaborated with a broad range of partners to develop multidisciplinary projects.

Read more about Hannah’s work here.

Rhona McNicolRhona McNicol

With a degree in Product Design, Rhona considers herself a designer with an accelerative interest in design for social environments. Working within the Highlands and Island landscape, her current work focuses on rural sheep farming and crofting in Scotland.

Read more about Rhona’s work here.


Lorianna ParadiseLorianna Paradise

Lorianna navigates the ever-accumulating totality of everything all at once through the lens of an artist embodying the concept of living as form. An ecologically minded holistic approach to all lifestyle practices informs and broadens the scope of her work.

Read more about Lorianna’s work here.

Zoe ProsserZoë Prosser

Zoë is a Glaswegian designer with a degree in Product Design. In response to emerging socio-economic movements she attempts to instigate social innovation on a local level by applying design practices with a grassroots approach. She has applied this style of working to the phenomena of community landownership in Scotland by co-design to encourage democratic participation and decision-making.

Read more about Zoë’s work here.


Sophia SheppardSophia Sheppard

Sophia has a background in Communication Design, with a particular interest in film. Her current research explores the way that film might be used in a dialogue to reflect and build on individual and shared narratives in rural Scottish communities. Her work is rooted in an underlying awareness of how people have been separated from their histories and an interest in documenting and discussing how aspects of the past may positively influence the future.

Read more about Sophia’s work here.

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