Digital Makers

Innovating and preserving traditional skills using digital technology

Technology is increasingly important in enhancing and nurturing entrepreneurship, as well as developing new products and processes and creating sustainable livelihoods.

The Digital Makers network investigates the role that digital technology can play within traditional craft.

Our work recognises the issues, opportunities, skills and approaches in this area and the Digital Makers project focuses on three areas that are key to understanding the impact of digital technology on tradition.

We investigate the technological aspects of digital making in terms of supply, design, making and distribution alongside the technical aspects of current practices.

We engage with traditional craftspeople to explore the cultures that exist within current practices and the new cultures enabled by digital technologies.

And we work with practitioners to investigate the support structures and methods that will help creative craft enterprises embrace technology with sympathy to their current practices.

This is a project within the Creative Futures Partnership, a partnership between The Glasgow School of Art and Highland and Islands Enterprise.

Project Contact:

Dr. Paul Smith: [email protected]

Traditional craft on Lewis

Traditional craft on Lewis. Image Credit: Fergus Fullarton Pegg.

3D print of St Kilda

3D print of St Kilda. Image Credit: Paul Smith