Island Bearings

Exploring the future of heritage

The research being carried out as part of Island Bearings explores existing means of tourism and seeks alternative ways for visitors and islanders to work together.

The programme focuses on how heritage is practised and constructed and how island identity is revealed, questioned, and sought within these communities. We ask the questions: How can island communities develop strategies that incorporate a robust and innovative solution to island visitation? How is heritage created in contemporary Hebridean cultures? And how do we engage in co-creating and challenging the historic romantic idealisations of Hebridean heritage? 

This project also covers the ongoing work of Ionad Hiort on the Isle of Lewis to create a St Kilda visitor centre at Uig, exploring ways to tell the story of the famous archipelago from a remote location.

This is a project within the Creative Futures Partnership, a partnership between The Glasgow School of Art and Highland and Islands Enterprise.

Project Contact:

Dr George Jaramillo: [email protected]


Project Blog:

Lewis Chessman, Island Bearings

A large Lewis Chessman wooden replica overlooking Uig Bay, where they were originally discovered. It is also the location of our research community.

Postcards made by residents

Two examples of participant postcards that showcase resident/local perceptions of the contemporary Hebridean landscape.