Creating an aspirational artistic journey between Stornoway and Uig

Songlines aims to establish a series of innovative and exciting artworks along the route from Stornoway to the remote community of Uig on the Isle of Lewis.

The concept was developed by the Uig community as part of the Ionad Hiort project, which is working to establish a remote access heritage centre for the island of St Kilda.

Between early 2016 and late 2017, six artists will be commissioned to produce the pieces, which will draw their inspiration from the natural landscape and unique culture of the island.

The artists will work with GSA students and local partners during the project, which is run in partnership with An Lanntair arts centre in Stornoway, as part of the Creative Place Awards.

The students will contribute to the development until the conception stage and then the artists will take responsibility for the final implementation of the artwork, with guidance from local partners.

As the artworks are produced and begin to weave a collective story, it is hoped that the Stornoway-Uig route will be transformed from an ordinary ‘journey’ into a ‘site’ in its own right. We also hope that the special creative collaborations formed during the project will inspire other communities around the world.

The story of Songlines will be shared through a series of exhibitions, publications and performances.

This is a project within the Creative Futures Partnership, a partnership between The Glasgow School of Art and Highland and Islands Enterprise.


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Project Contact

Brian Dixon: [email protected]

Songlines route across Lewis

The Songlines route across Lewis, connecting Stornoway and Uig. Image Credit: Brian Dixon

Artist Thomas Keyes collecting local plants to make dyes

The first Songlines artist Thomas Keyes, collecting local plants to make dyes for his artwork. Image Credit: Brian Dixon