Design Network

Linking businesses and designers across the Highlands and Islands

The Design Network is an internationally linked, entrepreneurial design and design research network, which strives to support a flourishing design community in the Highlands and Islands.

The network recently launched, and will develop a nuanced understanding of design and designers in the region. It aims to create a greater awareness amongst non-design companies of the transformational qualities that design brings to businesses and communities.

The network hosts a vibrant mix of activities, which will benefit communities and businesses across the region. Crucially, the network is closely bound with research and teaching at the GSA.

The Design Network aims to carry out world-class design activities, and help to establish the Highlands and Islands as an international venue to do so.

We’re currently developing the programme and network of local and international designers so please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

This is a project within the Creative Futures Partnership, a partnership between The Glasgow School of Art and Highland and Islands Enterprise.

Project Contact:

Kate Hooper: [email protected]

Preparing for Art School workshop at Millburn Academy

Dutch Design Week at Design Academy Eindhoven. Image Credit: Sjoerd Eickman

Design Network in Oban

At a Design Network event in Oban. Image credit: James Grey

Preparing for art school workshop

Brian Dixon at a Preparing for Art School workshop. Image credit: Paul Campbell