Creating Cultures of Innovation

Nurturing creative leadership within organisations

A culture of innovation creates opportunities for valuable work: in terms of obvious value to the service or business, but also job satisfaction for employees. It generates a sustainable business, better products, a motivated workforce, and good partnerships and networks.

Our Creating Cultures of Innovation (CCOI) project saw us work with Scottish businesses to actively explore how design approaches could transform their performance and develop their innovation capabilities.

Case study – Scott & Fyfe

Scott & Fyfe is a long established textile manufacturing company, based in Fife. They produce highly technical material in multiple processes but identified a need for improved new product development. The new CEO was also interested in ways of initiating new ideas.

The InDI team worked with a cross-section of employees from every level and department of the company. Researchers introduced them to design approaches during a series of workshops.

The project produced a range of benefits for Scott & Fyfe, including new overseas markets, an increase in profits, and new product ideas, as well as new products in development. The management team is freed up to address strategic issues and employees demand change.

An unforeseen outcome of the process was Scott & Fyfe’s decision to convert an old jute mill at the centre of their factory into an open studio for project-based working.

CCOI was funded by the Scottish Funding Council in partnership with the Institute of Directors and Glasgow University and worked with private and public organisations across Scotland from 2012-14.


“Quicker at making a decision and acting than before.”
John Lupton, CEO

“It’s imagining tomorrow and making it happen today, safe in the knowledge that we are dynamic, empowered and flexible enough to adapt, once the future unfolds.”
John Lupton, CEO

“We couldn’t unlock the door to innovations, as we didn’t know where it was. Now we have identified the door and we have the key.”
Eileen Baird, Quality Manager


Project contact:

Don McIntyre: [email protected]


Scott & Fyfe –

Scott & Fyfe innovation

Daily Telegraph article and video about Scott & Fyfe

Scott & Fyfe innovation space

The innovation space created at Scott & Fyfe

Scott and Fyfe CEO, John Lupton

Scott and Fyfe chairman Nick Kuenssberg


The team tested potential solutions and reported back on the issues.