Transforming public sector consultation through design

Leapfrog is a £1.2 million, three year Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded project, which aims to transform public sector consultation through design.

The project sees close creative collaboration with Highlands and Islands community partners to design and evaluate new approaches for better engagement.

Communities take part in a co-design process that creates a range of new community engagement tools to specifically meet their local needs.

The Highlands and Islands communities are geographically dispersed. Working across these communities stress tests our new approaches, which helps make our tools more robust when applied in other parts of the UK. Our consultation tools will be used by Highlands and Islands communities directly, and will also be exchanged with other communities who will be encouraged to adapt these tools to fit their own needs.

Leapfrog is a collaboration between ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University, and The Innovation School at The Glasgow School of Art.


Leapfrog: leapfrog.tools/

ImaginationLancaster: imagination.lancs.ac.uk/

Arts and Humanities Research Council: www.ahrc.ac.uk/

Project contact

Dr Paul Smith: [email protected]

Arthi Manohar: [email protected]



Visual Voice – a Leapfrog tool. Image credit: Gemma Coupe

Women taking part in a Leapfrog workshop

Co-designing tools for non-written consultation with Lancaster City Council. Image credit: Gemma Coupe

Young people holding paper with ticks to their faces

Young people indicate their approval of a taster co-design workshop at Child Action North West. Image credit: Gemma Coupe