Leapfrog PhD 

Transforming Public Service Consultation by Design: evidencing the impact of co-design approaches in community development.

Leapfrog is a £1.2 million, three-year Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project, in collaboration between Lancaster University and The Glasgow School of Art. It is a close collaboration with public sector and community partners to design and evaluate new approaches to consultation. The research will contribute to interaction design and co-design.

Mirian Calvo is the PhD student taking part in the research.

Mirian Calvo

Mirian holds a Diploma in Architecture (equivalent to a Masters in Architecture by the European Union) and she also holds a Masters in Urban Planning and Urban Design within the School of Architecture, University of A Coruna. She recently completed a second Masters in Design Innovation and Environmental Design with The Glasgow School of Art. Currently she is pursuing her PhD, an AHRC-funded project called Leapfrog within the The Innovation School. In this project, she is looking at designing appropriate models of evaluation with a focus on identifying and mapping the impact of co-design approaches within the context of community development. Mirian will deliver a practice-based research that examines applied, contemporary and emerging theoretical aspects of design-led evaluation, which will articulate impact and value relevant to the School’s portfolio.

Her past experiences as an architect and a researcher helped her achieve a knowledge base that complements her academic and professional development. Within the Masters in Design Innovation and Environmental Design, she has participated within a team in a user-led project that aimed to enhance and strengthen the networks across 12 communities operating in the Gorbals area of Glasgow. In her final masters project, she explored the idea of using public space as a tool to facilitate socio-political engagement among all voices.

Her research interests have been complemented in time from perceiving the built environment to understanding the complex relationships among human beings. Another brick in the wall is her interest in the symbiotic relationship that is established between the built environment and the flourishing of public social life of people alongside embracing sociological approaches through design practices that shifts the focus on social issues. She is currently exploring different disciplines and theoretical frameworks that can bring innovative lenses into the evaluation of community change initiatives.

Supervisor: Dr Paul Smith

Contact: [email protected]



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Mirian Calvo

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Evaluation, co-design, community development