Innovation From The Edge

Remote communities driving transformational change

Change and creativity are traditionally thought to come from the cities or areas like Silicon Valley. In Innovation from the Edge, our proposal is that change also emerges from the edges of our country.

According to the “hub and spoke” model, areas like the Western Isles or Shetland can be regarded as far away. This was not always so: the coastal regions were the gateways to other countries. People from the islands sailed all over the world, bringing back international influences. That cultural legacy means these regions are diverse – there is no cultural deficit, in fact there is a cultural asset.

We believe that radical innovation will come from these areas. This is particularly true with the rise of digital technology, which can have a transformational quality in remote communities, allowing huge leaps in knowledge to be made.

We seek to recognise and protect this richness of culture and heritage. We look at the ‘edges’ and explore how the interesting things can be taken to the city.

Prof Irene McAra-McWilliam

St Kilda rings by Fergus Fullarton Pegg