Tool Stories: Comic Book

From tool to artefact and beyond In the latest Tool Stories blog, design researcher Sneha Raman shares a tool from the Game Jam project and explores its journey from tool to artefact and back to tool. Game Jam worked with a group of young people with learning difficulties and sought to create design requirements for a […]

Tool Stories: Music Box

Supporting interaction The second of our Tool Stories series features a tool made one of our design researchers, Jeroen Blom. He was part of the team working on The Box project, which aimed to develop a flexible and creative way in which to make the delivery of therapy-based musical interactions achievable for all, regardless of […]

Tool Stories: Swallows

Capturing conversations Design researcher Leigh-Anne Hepburn is the first to pick a tool from the Experience Labs for our Tool Stories series. Leigh-Anne led the recent Crossreach Confidential Connections project. Crossreach is a charity providing counselling services across Scotland. Their main centres are in the central belt, although they have outreach posts in other areas, […]

Introducing Design Tools

What is a design tool? Our Experience Labs team has worked on more than 20 digital health projects in the past three years, covering subjects such as diabetes, back pain, counselling and Internet safety. The Labs were developed by InDI and are a central element in the Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI), a Scottish Innovation […]

Pioneering design research in health and care

A flavour of our design research in health and care As well as a home to post-graduate teaching, GSA’s Highlands and Islands campus plays host to a portfolio of pioneering design research. The campus is home to the Experience Lab team, a group of design researchers who are central to the Digital Health and Care […]

Learn about design and help a local social enterprise

Design workshops: sharing perspectives and imagining Newbold House together Do you live in or around Forres and would love to find out more about the world of design, while helping your local community? One of our design research teams, called Leapfrog, are hopping….sorry… hoping, that you can come and join them for a design workshop […]

Water and Textile Interdependency in the Circular Economy

Forres workshop to explore sustainability in the textile industry Our researchers are hosting a special workshop in Moray on Friday, looking at the development of the circular economy. The event – Water and Textile Interdependency in the Circular Economy – brings together a range of experts for a day of panels and workshops. There are […]

Leapfrog at the Creative Campus

Academic writing and tool sharing InDI was delighted to welcome the Leapfrog project to the Creative Campus at Forres for their Spring event last month. Leapfrog is a collaboration between ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University, and The Institute of Design Innovation at The Glasgow School of Art. It is a £1.2 million, three-year Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded project, which aims […]

Spreading the word about our latest design research

Where to hear InDI staff during Rome design conference InDI is buzzing with excitement just now as our researchers have had papers accepted at an esteemed design conference, and will be presenting them later this week. We are really proud of our design researchers and the valuable work they do in the field of Design Innovation. […]

Life at the Creative Campus: the teaching studio

An insight into learning and teaching on our MDES programmes It was always part of the plan for the Creative Campus in the Highlands and Islands to bring postgraduate students to the region for Design Innovation programmes. There are currently three Master of Design Innovation programmes based in the north: Transformation Design, Collaborative Creativity, and […]

Seasonal Schools: an innovative teaching method

Research and Teaching on location at the GSA Highlands and Islands InDI is proud of its teaching and research activities that support postgraduate students, researchers and academics. They offer an excellent chance to meet others in your field and learn about their experiences. With the deadline for applications for Summer School 2017 in Lancaster extended until […]

Leapfrog into summer

Thinking about coming to this year’s Leapfrog Summer School? Applications are now welcome for the 2017 event, which will share methods and insights around effective engagement. The Summer School, which will be held at Lancaster University (where InDI’s Leapfrog partner, Imagination Lancaster is based, aims to develop early career researchers’ capabilities. Discussions will also focus on how to capture […]

Winter School 2017: Working with Moray businesses

Sharing our students work Here the InDI blog showcases two of the student projects started at Winter School 2017. The projects are now ongoing as part of the curriculum within the GSA’s Masters of Design Innovation Programmes. This year’s theme is Innovation from Tradition, which explores how past tradition can inspire future ways of working, […]

Save the date: Leapfrog Summer School

Capturing value in research No sooner is one seasonal school finished than we start thinking about the next one. The Leapfrog team has announced the dates for their 2017 event, which will be held at Lancaster University from July 11-13. This year the event is aimed at early career researchers and will focus on effective […]

Gemma Teal

Gemma Teal Research Fellow MEng Product Design Engineering Gemma Teal has eight years experience as a design researcher in the area of health and wellbeing. Her work focuses on opening up the design process to include academics from other disciplines, industry partners, health professionals and the public. She designs for meaningful engagement and participation through […]

Dr Cara Broadley

Dr Cara Broadley Research Fellow PhD Participatory Design, PG Cert Supervision (Creative Practice), MRes Creative Practice, BA (Hons) Ceramic Design Working in contexts of wellbeing, care, and equality, Cara Broadley’s research involves the role of participatory design approaches, visual methods and reflective practice in engaging with communities to share stories. Inspired by her background in ceramics and […]

Dr Lorenz Herfurth

Dr Lorenz Herfurth Subject lead and lecturer PhD in Design; MA Design Management and Policy; German Diploma (MA equivalent) in Industrial Design Lorenz is the subject leader for the MDes Design Innovation and Service Design module and teaches across the Institute of Design Innovation and the Department of Product Design. His research explores the interdisciplinary and […]

Madeline Smith

Madeline Smith Head of Development MSc Enterprise, MA (Hons) Engineering Madeline Smith specialises in strategy and evaluation for clusters, innovation and complex collaborations, developing new ways to capture impact. She has a strong interest in innovation, the role that collaboration can play, and how evaluation needs to evolve to capture the wider value of collaborative working and behavioural change. She […]

Summer School

Exploring Action Research We were delighted to host the Leapfrog Summer School, in July 2016. The Innovation School and ImaginationLancaster are research partners in Leapfrog. Collectively we see the project as an opportunity to work with communities to design and develop better approaches to engagement. The Leapfrog team shaped an exciting Summer School Programme, focused on understanding […]

MDES Design Innovation & Collaborative Creativity

Design Innovation and Collaborative Creativity As the role of design, and the designer, within contemporary society continues to develop, so too does the nature and purpose of design practice. Design is not only an industrial or production-focused occupation; it is also becoming a critical tool for future-casting. This dynamic, new programme will explore the future, generate […]

MDES Design Innovation & Service Design

MDES Design Innovation & Service Design Building on concepts and methods from disciplines such as interaction design, user-centred design and innovation management, Service Design emerged as a new generation of designers began to apply methods and processes from those disciplines to the design of services and their often immaterial experience. The discipline continues to grow […]

MDES Design Innovation & Citizenship

MDES Design Innovation & Citizenship The Masters in Design Innovation & Citizenship at The Glasgow School of Art explores the relationship between design practice and contemporary society and encourages a design-led critique of the present aimed at informing the future. The programme asks design practitioners to step beyond their traditional professional and occupational role and […]

MDES Design Innovation & Environmental Design

MDES Design Innovation & Environmental Design This newly launched programme focuses on the developing role of the designer in the context of the environment. In recent decades, our experience of space and place has been radically transformed. Across the globe, populations are on the move, with people traveling further and more frequently than at any […]

Michael Pierre Johnson

Michael Pierre Johnson Making design explicit in the discourse of change (Completed 2015) Engagement with increasingly complex disciplinary situations means that design is becoming a more integrated activity involving collaboration among many different professions. For designers, this emerging notion of design has resulted in an expansive array of approaches, co-design tools, activities, data gathering techniques […]

Fiona MacLellan

Fiona MacLellan Transformative Schooling: Examining preferable futures for rural education in Scotland Educational reform is complex, with its shifting targets, and variety of impacts across society; for example, in relation to political agendas, decisions of settlement, industry demand, and ultimately the public’s wellbeing. These implications are often magnified in smaller communities: schools in remote geographies have […]

Saoirse Higgins

Saoirse Higgins Survival Tools of the Anthropocene Remote islands, e.g. Orkney, occupy a unique viewpoint on the world from the edge looking in. The ‘signal to noise’ ratio is stronger as man’s connection to nature is more concentrated compared to urban environments where we are often shielded from nature with technology. Can these small pioneering […]

Leapfrog PhD

Leapfrog PhD  Transforming Public Service Consultation by Design: evidencing the impact of co-design approaches in community development. Leapfrog is a £1.2 million, three-year Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project, in collaboration between Lancaster University and The Glasgow School of Art. It is a close collaboration with public sector and community partners to design and evaluate […]

Case study: Breastfeeding

Case study: Breastfeeding Experience Labs are contributing to efforts to help increase breastfeeding rates in Scotland. The team of specialist design researchers, based at the GSA’s Highlands and Islands Creative Campus in Forres, collaborated with mothers, health professionals and school pupils to explore and generate ideas of how to promote breastfeeding among new mothers. Breastfeeding […]

Case study: Game Jam

Case study: Game Jam Keeping young people safe online Like their peers, young people with learning difficulties want to use social media and the Internet, but their disability can sometimes make them more vulnerable to the risks. The Experience Labs’ Game Jam project sought to create design requirements for a computer game to encourage safe […]

What happens in a lab?

What happens in a lab? When a project is taken on by the Experience Labs, our designers spend time exploring the issue with the partners. The team then works directly with the end user of the service/ product to understand and investigate the problem in a safe environment, using design research methods. Each Experience Lab […]


Leapfrog Transforming public sector consultation through design Leapfrog is a £1.2 million, three year Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded project, which aims to transform public sector consultation through design. The project sees close creative collaboration with Highlands and Islands community partners to design and evaluate new approaches for better engagement. Communities take part in a co-design process that creates a […]