MDES Design Innovation & Interaction Design

The relationship between humanity and technology has shaped the world as we experience it, whether these technologies were agricultural, industrial or, as they are today, digital.

The interaction between social, cultural and technological aspects of life defines the study of Interaction Design as a field of enquiry. Interaction is no longer merely a technological phenomenon, rather it is relational; it links every aspect of social life.

People experience their environment and interaction with others mediated through new technologies. Interaction Design considers not only the opportunities that designed products or system provide, but also the space and relationships with the people who are affected.

Course themes
This one-year course examines the relationship between the technological push for innovation and the societal search for personal equality, quality of life and community wellbeing. Students on this programme will explore how these societal issues are addressed by technological advancement and social innovation within contemporary society.

Course content
You will explore, prototype, evaluate and iterate concepts with key interactive components and in doing so, challenge the experience people have in their engagement with society and technologies itself. Students will develop an understanding of Interaction Design in complex environments and learn to analyse behavior to inform the design process. The course is ideal for students who are interested in UX design and prototyping.

Learning through live projects
The emphasis upon collaborative working and real world engagement is examined through projects exploring the impact of the Internet of Things, ‘big data’ and emerging technologies. We cover subjects as varied as high-rise living, improving the experience of homeless people and the encouragement of political discourse. Many projects are ‘live’ with organisations as diverse as Toshiba, the Scottish Government, Tesco Bank and Alzheimer Scotland, offering graduates a professional portfolio of work upon graduation.

An international perspective
International links are a valued component and the Winter School at GSA Highlands and Islands is a collaboration with students and faculty from Schools such as The Royal Academy of Art & Design (Copenhagen) and KISD (Køln), while participants from Japan and the USA may also feature. Sharing knowledge, methods and approaches to design issues shaped more by culture and context than by formal considerations allows students to explore complex issues and experiences of diverse users and stakeholders of contemporary design – whether these are artefacts, services or interactions

You will study at GSA’s Highlands and Islands campus. Located just outside Forres, the campus is a research and postgraduate teaching centre for international excellence in creativity and innovation. The combination of modern studio environment and workshop with a traditional highland setting offers a unique educational experience. We deliver Masters and PhD programmes, and the campus location enables us to research in geographically diverse and distributed contexts as well, as develop innovative forms of teaching with our academic partners around the world.

Programme Director
Dr Gordon Hush

Programme Leader
Don McIntyre

Programme Co-ordinator
Dr Iain Reid

How to Apply

More information on this course is available here on The Glasgow School of Art website.

Further information on applying to the Graduate School is available from [email protected]