Our teaching team

You will find a wealth of experience and backgrounds within the teaching team of The Innovation School.

While our lecturers of post-graduate programmes all specialise in Design Innovation, they come from very different academic and industry backgrounds bringing both diverse and specialist expertise to enhance the learning experience across our Design Innovation Masters’ programmes.

Here, we introduce you to our team. If you’re interested in applying for any of our Design Innovation courses please contact them to find out more.

Dr Gordon Hush
Acting Director, InDI
Dr Gordon Hush portraitGordon has led GSA’s Product Design since 2007 and has helped steer the development of Design Innovation as a subject of  study at GSA.
[email protected]


Don McIntyre
Programme Lead
Don McIntyre portraitDon leads the overall co-ordination of the Design Innovation Masters programmes. His background lies in Product Design and Computer Science and retains a passion for design and technology.
[email protected]

Dr Emma Murphy
Programme Lead
Emma Murphy portraitEmma’s research interests are based around design, management and policy, including design research methods, business models and managing creativity and innovation.
[email protected]


Elio Caccavale
Studio leader and tutor
Elio Caccavale portrait
Elio has held teaching and research positions at a variety of esteemed institutions. His design research work has been exhibited internationally and is held in the permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
[email protected]


Dr Brian Dixon
Brian Dixon portraitA studio lead for the Design Innovation programmes in Glasgow and a MDes Design Innovation and Environmental Design specialist tutor, Brian has a visual communication background and a PhD in information design. His research interests include place-based innovation, wayfinding, design philosophy and pedagogy.
[email protected]

Lorenz Herfurth
Subject leader and lecturer
Lorenz Herfurth portraitLorenz is the subject leader for the MDes Design Innovation and Service Design module, and he teaches across the Product Design programmes. His research explores the interdisciplinary and dynamic space between design, organisation and management studies.
[email protected]

Iain Reid
Programme Coordinator and lecturer
Dr Iain Reid portraitA graduate of The Glasgow School of Art’s Product Design programme, Iain has worked across a spread of design activity, ranging from brand direction, communication strategy and visualisation to product, service and experience design.
[email protected]

Leigh-Anne Hepburn
Studio leader, lecturer and research fellow
Leigh-Anne Hepburn portraitLeigh-Anne leads the MDes Design Innovation and Collaborative Creativity course. She has worked in both design and non-design roles, and has presented her research internationally while teaching at community, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
[email protected]

Dr George Jaramillo
Lecturer, research fellow and studio lead
Dr George Jaramillo portraitStudio lead for Design Innovation programmes at the GSA’s Highlands and Islands campus, George also teaches on the Glasgow-based MDes Design Innovation and Environmental Design programme. He is an architect and heritage specialist, with interests in rural landscape, industrial material culture, and ruins. He                                                                             has a PhD in Cultural Geography.
                                                                        [email protected]

Sneha Raman
Research Associate and lecturer
Sneha Raman portraitA graduate of our Design Innovation and Citizenship programme, Sneha now teaches on our Design Innovation and Transformation Design course. Sneha’s interests lie in developing participatory design approaches to engage with complex social or systemic issues, and designing for social change. [email protected]

Ian Grout
Lecturer and subject leader: Design Innovation and Citizenship programme
Ian Grout Studio leader and tutorIan’s research and design activities focus on the changing nature of society, ecology and economy and how design and design education may be transformed to act and support how we may live with greater respect in a world that is in considerable flux. [email protected]


Kirsty Ross
GSA lecturer Kirsty RossKirsty teaches across the Product Design undergraduate programme and is responsible for the coordination of the final year curriculum for both the B.Des and MEDes pathways. Kirsty also teaches on the Design Innovation & Collaborative Creativity specialism and contributes to the wider Design Innovation programmes                                                                            as a supervisor.  [email protected]

For more information about our Design Innovation Masters programmes please visit our teaching pages.

And if you’d like to see our staff and students in action, our film about our exciting Winter School will give you an insight to what happens during our courses.

Winter School 2017 from The Glasgow School of Art on Vimeo.